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Global Impact


"It's not about a momentary buzz or splash, but it's about creating phenomena!"
Dietmar Scherf


You have the News, we tell the Story!

An Industry first:
We deliver measurable
PR results!

Your PR Partner
      ▀ Startups
 ▀ Established Companies
 ▀ Strategic Image Enhancement
 ▀ Branding & Brand Awareness
 ▀ Reputation & Perception
 ▀ Visibility Management
 ▀ Social Media Strategy
 ▀ Damage Control

Global Impact / Success Stories

  ▀ Market Cap Increase of +2900% within 9 months
 ▀ Market Cap Increase of +235% within a few weeks
      ▀ Market Cap Increase of +68% within 36 hours and +370% within 6 months
      ▀ Market Cap Increase of over +3000% within 1 year
 ▀ Market Cap Increase of $12 Billion within 90 days





GCAC (Global Cannabis Applications Corp) ... USA: FUAPF / Canada: APP

After a stellar performance of over +3000% within one year, and due to its enormous upward potential, we have selected GCAC (Global Cannabis Applications Corp) once again as the MUST-HAVE "Startup" STOCK FOR 2018. From its 2017 closing price, we expect up to +1000% performance during the course of 2018.

 Publicly traded in the U.S.: FUAPF
 Publicly traded in Canada: APP
 Publicly traded in Germany

 Barchart: Opinion / Performance / Quote


For 2017 we were right again and our carefully selected Must-Have "Startup" Stock for 2017 has soared over +3000% in 2017. (Article with special GCAC feature published at on Dec. 29, 2016: GCAC Special Feature)



Publicly traded in the U.S.: IGC ... and in Germany
(Introduced by Scherf PR in June 2017)

Note: New Intraday Performance record for IGC on December 26, 2017: +187%
So far, IGC (India Globalization Capital) is up +370% within 6 months since we introduced the company in late June 2017.


Publicly traded in the U.S.: TSLA
(Introduced by Scherf PR in May 2013)\

Publicly traded in the U.S.: NFLX
(Introduced by Scherf PR in August 2012)

Publicly traded in the U.S.: FCX
(Introduced by Scherf PR in January 2016)

Publicly traded in the U.S.: CLF
(Introduced by Scherf PR in January 2016)

Publicly traded in the U.S.: CHK
(Introduced by Scherf PR in January 2016)

Please note that all content and any information provided is for entertainment purposes only and reflect only a personal opinion. Before you proceed to read anything on this website please first read the Disclosure/Disclaimer





Creative Director
SCHERF Corporation






Are you a Startup company?

Do you have a top-notch product/service?

Are you well capitalized?

Do you have a dedicated Management?

Are you interested in establishing a global brand?


If you answer Yes! to most of these questions and if you're ready to take the next step, then SCHERF PR with its extensive expertise and global media network will be a great asset to propel your company brand to the next level.







Does your Company image need some freshening up?

Are you ready to launch a new product/service?

Is your brand up-to-date and connected to the many marketing opportunities and the interconnectivity of the 21st Century?

Does your reputation need some polishing?

Do you want your brand to saturate a particular marketplace or to make a global impact?


If you answer Yes! to one or more of these questions then SCHERF PR with its extensive expertise and global media network will be a great asset to accomplish the task.







Sometimes there are periods of slowing growth. On occasion, due to some odd circumstances a brand may suffer a temporary setback.

Or perhaps your company is now ready to take its brand to the next level of market recognition.

Whatever the case might be, SCHERF PR is the expert in strategic image enhancement.











You created phenomenal products/services, but somehow your brand is not getting the broad exposure you expected.

Let us assist you to create the global impact for your brand that you desire. Our proven strategies are a catalyst for growth.











A company's reputation is very fragile. What has been built over many years can be destroyed within minutes.

Your reputation is a very valuable commodity. It must be of utmost importance to every company to protect their brand and to enhance its perceived value.

When it comes to it we can strategically protect your reputation and increase its perceived value.










In the sea of products and companies it's very easy for a brand to get submerged along the way. You don't want your brand to exist in the shadow. Therefore, constant visibility is of utmost priority.

That's why companies with recognizable brands continue to advertise their brands at every opportunity they get. They need to put their brand in front of their loyal and potential customers.

With targeted PR a brand will be virtually ubiquitous. SCHERF PR is specialized to obtain this desirable objective.











Social Media is a key component to create and foster brand awareness. Fan clubs on social media platforms and interaction with customers are an integral part of the customer experience as well as for every successful brand.

As social media is a fast moving media, several status updates on a daily basis keep the flow of brand awareness and customer interaction alive.

We're hard at work to create such interaction on a continuous basis for our clients.











Unexpected things can happen at any time. Sometimes a product failure, a recall or even a total fallout will require immediate damage control to defuse a situation.

Your reputation and brand will need protection. Panic and unprepared responses will usually cause even greater harm. With careful crafted PR we provide a valuable service to our clients in such situations.

SCHERF PR has extensive experience in the most delicate cases with its proven damage control techniques.









The SCHERF PR approach is unique and a bit different from the norm. It is much more than just about a campaign, a splash or a buzz here. Instead, we strategically create a phenomena with a global impact of brand awareness resulting in increased momentum for a company's growth for years to come. That's what we're specializing in.


In 2014, we came across a small startup which developed a phenomenal technology product and service. Within only nine months, the awareness of the company and its product and services began to spread like wildfire. With the brand awareness the markets rewarded this particular company with an increased market cap. From 2014 into early 2015, the company's market cap soared from around USD 1.1 Million to almost USD 32 Million which was a market cap increase of +2900%.


In 2015, we discovered another very promising tech startup. We introduced the company and its exciting products to a global audience. Within just a few weeks the markets took notice of the company and the company's market cap increased from USD 3.8 Million to USD 12.7 Million, a solid increase of +235% in the company's capital strength.


In 2016, a major international corporation was ready for a turnaround. After introducing the company as a viable turnaround candidate to a global audience in February 2016, its market cap soared by over $7.5 Billion within just one month, which reflected an increase of +141%. Within less than 90 days it had gained $12 Billion in market cap soaring +223%.


In 2017, a relatively unknown NYSE-listed company needed to be introduced to a global audience. Within only 36 hours of introduction the company's market cap soared by +68% to reflect a more realistic company value. The various PR measures provided the company with quick brand recognition for its new innovative product pipeline. Within 6 months this company's stock price had increased by +370%.


For 2017, we featured one speculative "Must-Have" Startup stock. Within just 1 year featuring this company, its stock had taken off like a rocket by over +3000%. The company's market cap has increased even more providing this innovative tech Startup with tremendous financial resources to effectively implement their business plan in the global marketplace.


These are just a few examples of numerous success stories we were privileged to discover together with the markets at the right time. Since the 80's, through extensive research we found one undervalued company after another, ... true gems that were overlooked. The power of your company is in your brand. Premier brand awareness has to be created so that consumers can become familiar with your products and services resulting in increased sales.

If a Global Impact for your brand is of interest, then we should talk.

Contact us at:



In Israel you may contact SCHERF COMMUNICATIONS (not affiliated with SCHERF PR - USA)


Please send inquiries to


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Note: Disclosure/Disclaimer

Regarding any securities mentioned in any Scherf communcation/publication: Scherf does not offer financial services and/or financial advice! These are strictly experimental private trading/investment models. Information is provided for entertainment purposes only! This is not a solicitation to purchase, sell and/or trade any securities whatsoever. This information is not intended for U.S. investors! We (one or the other Scherf entity and/or person) are always engaged in equities trading, either directly or indirectly. Our basic strategy is one of trading securities and that's why very often we do transactions very quickly. In any case, we reserve the right to either directly and/or indirectly trade in stocks, equities, ETFs, options, securities, etc. of the here and in our communication and publications mentioned companies without any further notice of such transactions. We speculate in both directions, either ascending stock prices and/or falling stock prices, and basically we're only interested in the volatility of a stock/security to take advantage for generating profits during short-term price fluctuations, even though at times we may engage in longer-term investments with e.g. startup companies. Every trader and investor must be aware of the risks involved in trading stocks/securities and/or when investing in stocks/securities. This is a professional endeavor and everyone should consult with a professional registered/licensed investment/financial advisor before engaging in any stock/securities trades and/or investments. All stocks/securities that are mentioned in our communication and publications and opinions expressed about them are solely our personal opinion and reflect our personal thoughts, and are never intended to be a solicitation to trade, buy, invest or sell any stocks/securities. Historical data is never indicative of future results nor a guarantee and/or promise or similar of future results, nor are indicated potential price targets and/or forecasts as these are based solely on speculative estimations based on our experimental models developed by us and solely for our own private purpose. This whole sector of business is totally based on speculation and therefore we are not and cannot be held responsible for any losses and/or any damages of/for any reader, investor, trader, etc. or of/for any third party whatsoever. Every reader, investor, trader, and/or third party is acting solely on their own risk and is solely responsible for their own decisions in any trading and investment activity. Due to our various business activities and interests and their nature we will receive either directly and/or indirectly from one or the other company that has been mentioned in our communication and publications in one form or the other compensation of which we're unable to publish specific details. But every reader should expect that we do receive compensation from the companies mentioned in our communication and/or publications, and therefore a conflict of interest will often/usually exist.
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