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(U.S.: FUAPF ... Canada: APP ... Germany: Frankfurt)




New Name:

Publicly traded in the U.S.: FUAPF (Symbol Change pending)
Publicly traded in Canada: APP
Publicly traded in Germany

Effective Date:  April 18, 2017

New Symbol:  APP

New CUSIP:  37956B101

New ISIN:  CA 37956B1013

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provided is for entertainment purposes only and
reflect only a personal opinion. Before you
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Itís a phenomenal opportunity
to get in early on the best Tech
Startup company in the world!

Potential Capital Gains of up to:

approx. 300% - 400% short term (approx.year end 2016)
approx. 10,000% within approx. 2-3 yrs*
much more over the next several years!

*Based on our Future Potential Comparative Market Cap (FPCMC) calculations model/theory.


In early July, Fundamental Applications Corp will be featured on Wall Street's national TV series "New to the Street" which may reach up to 100 million viewers!   >>>

First Interview segment with Fundamental Applications Corp CEO Bradley Moore now live:



The Road to Success
  ▀ The Big Discovery
 ▀ In 2016, we already had one Winner after another!
 ▀ Our New favorite Startup Company
 ▀ Why does this Stock have this Huge Upward Potential?
 ▀ FUN's Growth and Expansion is Phenomenal
 ▀ Final Thoughts

Global Impact / Success Stories

  ▀ Market Cap Increase of 2900% within 9 months
 ▀ Market Cap Increase of 235% within a few weeks
 ▀ Market Cap Increase of $12 Billion within 90 days

"Progress is also the secret propellant of stocks." Jim Cramer



A couple years ago, we discovered a startup company which generated a huge +2900% capital gain! By the grace of God each $1,000 invested turned into a gigantic $29,000 within only 9 months!

Now, after extensive research, we discovered an even better NEW Super Tech Startup called FUNDAMENTAL APPLICATIONS CORP (FUAPF).

In our opinion, this company has the highest growth potential of any company in the world! With a gigantic growth rate of 17% per week shares of this mobile-app incubator are extremely undervalued.

As theyíre just starting out, shares are trading at only 20-25 Cents (market cap is just around $4 million).

In 2016, we already had one Winner after another!

On Feb. 2, 2016 we featured Freeport McMoRan (FCX) as a no-brainer buy signal at only $4.35. Within less than 3 months the
stock soared over 223%. From our very few selected stocks we also featured Cliffs Natural Resources (CLF) earlier this year, and it skyrocketed from its Jan. 2016 low by 385% within less than four months.

As a speculative buy we also had Chesapeake Energy (CHK) which soared by 396% from its Feb. 2016 low until late April 2016. And that was after huge gains in our favorite stocks like Netflix (NFLX) with a 1300% gain and over 2000% in Baidu (BIDU) over the past several years.

Our New favorite Startup Company is FUNDAMENTAL APPLICATIONS CORP (FUAPF)

An investment in this company could change all our lives! With its enormous growth potential we expect a stellar performance!
Like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, etc. before, now FUNDAMENTAL APPLICATIONS CORP is the new top quality Tech Startup.

This is a tremendous opportunity to get in on this hot Startup early. And best of all, its shares are publicly traded. The company is being introduced to investors in the coming weeks. We think that Fundamental Applications shares could rise by up to 300% - 400% until year end 2016.

On a longer term basis (within approx. 2-3 years) we estimate that even a hundredfold stock price appreciation is a possibility. This would take the stock from approx. 20-25 Cents to approx. $20 - $25 for an enormous 10,000% capital gain within just a few years (in such a favorable scenario each $1,000 invested would transform itself into a significant $100,000 nest egg).


Why does this Stock have this Huge Upward Potential?

Itís very simple math. App and internet companies in the Ecommerce space are valued based on their users. Monetized users can be worth as much as $2500/user. But the more common range in comparisons with most companies like e.g. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, etc. is from approx. $350/user to approx. $800/user.

Btw, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for $19 billion a few years ago. Also, right LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft for $26 billion. All these acquisitions are based on the value of users. 

So as a medium value per monetized user we use e.g. approx. $400 for FUNís FORO App users and approx. $150/user for FUNís TRUTH App users which has already about 130,000 users.

With six mobile apps Fundamental Applications Corp is looking to acquire approx. 800,000 users by year end 2016, with a target of approx. 2 million users and 2.5-3 Million impressions per day, according to FUNís 18-month plan.

If we use the average calculations just for the next six months/second half of 2016, then the current stock price of approx. 20-25 Cents could soar to approx. $7-$8/share based on conservative market cap estimates of approx. $200 million, up from the current $4 million. So that would be in fact not only 300% - 400% by the end of 2016, but almost a 4,000% capital gain within just the next several months until the end of 2016.

Over the next several years during an ideal scenario we expect a market cap of approx. $1 billion for FUN which would be reflected in an approx. $37 a share stock price for an approx. 18,000% capital gain turning each $1,000 invested into a $180,000 nest egg.


FUNís Growth and Expansion is Phenomenal
FUN is expanding like crazy with growth of 17% per week!

Within weeks of the new FUN Management with Brad Moore as CEO, FUNís flagship FORO Student Ecommerce App has become available on over 7,000 campuses in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, England, India, etc. Over 10,000 products worth over $1 million have been listed on Foro.

Foro recently ranked #2 in Lifestyle and #18 overall in India out of tens of thousands of apps. Currently, India is the most fruitful and most important testing ground for mobile app distribution as it quickly indicates favorable or unfavorable market reception of new apps. And FUNís Foro app is a phenomenal success!

FUN generates income from transactions, development & marketing services and OEM white label products.

FUN will also grow through Acquisitions. Over the next 6 months Fundamental will be acquiring an overseas development company, a student rewards program app and co-developing a chat-to-pay app for transactions inside of Foro.

FUNís Website:

FOROís Website:

FUNís Foro User Growth Forecast:

July 2016    122,817
Sep. 2016    258,682
Dec. 2016    749,538
Feb. 2017 1,193,883
May 2017 1,702,187
Aug. 2017 1,893,437


Final Thoughts

Obviously, weíre very excited about FUNDAMENTAL APPLICATIONS CORP (FUAPF). Itís really hard to find a viable startup company early where everything works perfectly together. We do have a 25+ year track record of discovering phenomenal startup companies from Amazon, Baidu, Tesla Motors, Netflix, etc. All these startup companies provided gigantic capital gains to its early investors over the years.

Back in the 90ís, we discovered Dell Computer and it quickly became our favorite stock. Within eight years the stock appreciated by 100,000% turning each $1,000 invested into a cool Million!

As indicated here, we truly think that FUNDAMENTAL APPLICATIONS CORP has exceptional potential to produce a stellar performance in the coming months and years!




The SCHERF PR approach is unique and a bit different from the norm as it is much more than just about a campaign, a splash or a buzz here and there. Instead, we strategically create a phenomena with a global impact of brand awareness resulting in increased momentum for a company's growth for years to come. That's what we're specializing in.

In 2014, we came across a small startup which developed a phenomenal technology product and services. Within only nine months, the awareness of the company and its product and services began to spread like wildfire. With our proven PR strategies we accomplished the task. From 2014 into early 2015, the company's market cap soared from around USD 1.1 Million to almost USD 32 Million which was a market cap increase of 2900%.

In 2015, we discovered another very promising tech startup. We introduced the company and its products to a global audience. Within just a few weeks the company's market cap increased from USD 3.8 Million to USD 12.7 Million, a solid increase of 235% in the company's capital strength.

In 2016, a major international corporation was ready for a turnaround. After introducing the company as a viable turnaround candidate to a global audience in February 2016, its market cap soared by over $7.5 Billion within just one month, which reflected an increase of 141%. Within less than 90 days it had gained $12 Billion in market cap soaring 223%.

These are just a few of recent examples of numerous success stories we were privileged to be part of since the 80's.


Please send inquiries to


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